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Since 2005 the Sicilian Island of Stromboli is the home of the International Voice & Text Workshop, based on the Linklater Method for Voice & Language. The context of the island with its active volcano, its deep blue sea and breathtaking sunsets offers an inspiring set for the exploration of the human voice and the performance of literature and theatrical texts. 

The Linklater method for voice and text was developed by world-renowned voice teacher Kristin Linklater. It consists of a progression of exercises that aim to free the natural voice from physical, mental, emotional and energetic blocks developed over the course of one’s life. The goal is to release a voice that is free, expressive, evocative and powerful. At the core of the teaching is the idea of a “classical self” - a larger self that is able to embody and express all human experiences and allows actors to metamorphose into any imagined character (human or otherwise). The Linklater Technique is designed to discover, release and strengthen the individual voice, in order to reveal this larger (or classical) self.