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For the first time in the Rome, the Eco Logical Theatre Fest is coming to Parco delle Valli with Urban Arcadia, running from 24 to 28 July 2023


Thanks to the Public Notice "Estate Romana 2023-2024", to the eternal city and in particular to Parco delle Valli (via Val d'Ala 19, Conca d'Oro) the Fest is presenting a series of events that re-propose the themes and modalities of Eco Logical Theatre Fest in a format designed specifically for the urban setting, exploiting the relationship between the city and the park. 


A workshop for children, several Linklater Method vocal warm-ups and bioenergetic sessions, and 8 additional events free of charge designed to offer to the community opportunities for dialogue and exchange and to promote new practices for approaching space in an ecosustainable way through theatre.


Spectators are invited to bring their own chairs and towels as well as snacks and good humour to take part in the scheduled activities and enjoy the beauty of Parco delle Valli.


All activities will be free of charge. Reservation is mandatory for workshops and some events listed in the programme.




email us at

or via whatsapp or by calling us on

+39 350 976 8041



Entrance from Via Val d'Ala, 19 - Rome

Metro B Conca d'Oro

BUS 311, 343, 80, 83,88

Train Station Val d'Ala


To find out more about the project and unlock exclusive content download the FESTA ECO ROMA web app 

created by 

ARCADIA URBANA is a project by fluidonumero9 in collaboration with 369gradi, curated by Maria Vittoria Argenti, Alessandro Fabrizi and Francesca Forlini with Carolina Ciampaglia.


With the support of         in collaboration with             under the patronage of                             in partnership with




The project has won the biennial public notice 'Estate Romana 2023-2024' issued by the Department of Cultural Activities.


Organisation: Alessia Esposito and Matilde Aquilanti.

Press Office: Marina Saraceno 

Illustrations: Susanna Morari

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